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One of the things that I have noticed in my ten years of blogging is that posts and conversations tend to get buried pretty quickly.  Once it’s off the front page, a post tends to disappear into cyber-oblivion—unless it happens to have something in the title that catches Google’s attention!

As such, this page is my attempt to catalogue some of the posts over the years that either a) have generated a significant amount of conversation/traffic; or b) I just happen to like.  Here, then, in no particular order, are some of the posts that I dug out of the archives for another moment or two in the light.


I’m Sorry, Christian, But You Don’t Get to Make That Move

Lament for a Small Town Bible School

How God Deals with Rejection

Riding with Richard in the Land of Atheist Devotion

One Fine Mess: A Parable of Grace

I’ll Have Some Charity Please

Combovers and the Kingdom of God

God Loves Women Too, Right?

His Sorrow is Splendor

Strange Days

They Must Not Believe in God

Parasitic Religion

An Ironic Dominion

Varieties of Unbelief

What Life Asks of Us

Living With the Bible

The Rise of Atheism

Tending Our Gardens

A Religious Response

Thank God for the Light

Making the Best of It (and a Short Story)

The World According to lululemon

Offended by God?

What’s Religion Ever Done For Us?

“Masculine” Christianity


Our Father

The Mark We Are Meant to Leave

The Cultivation of Regret

Medicine Hat

It Hurts

All the Goodness in the World


Crumbs and Stains

The Receptionist and the Messenger

All Apologies

It’s (Too) Easy for Me to Be Offended by the Bible

Give Me An Answer… Now!

Lake of Fire


“Jesus Doesn’t Want You to Love Him For What You Can Get Out of Him” (and Other Pious-Sounding Non-Starters)

Man of God

I Am Not a Rational Human

On Faith and Failure


One Body, For All the Wrong

Borrowed Beauty

What it’s Like to Be a Grown Up

A Pastorally Adequate Theodicy


Everything Seems to Be Broken

I Give Up (An Utterly Ridiculous Reflection on Bathroom Technology)!


Here is Your God

Signs of Life

Sad Stories

What’s in a Name?

On Having a Heart

The Judge

A Christmas Story

Thinking Your Way to Faith

Un-sin Us

But Why, Daddy?

The Idols We Worship

You Are All One

The Christian Bookstore: A Reintroduction

Why (I) Bother?

I Wish Jesus Didn’t Have to Die

The Hospital

“You’re Just a Dirty Indian”

“You’re Gonna Pray for Leroy, Right?”

The Only Things That Matter in Life Cannot Be Proved

On Alien-Angels with Evil Detectors… And Horses

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  1. Shawn #

    Who could you not include your post on your favorite hockey jersey’s from defunct teams in the NHL and WHA? Go Hartford Whalers and Birmingham Bulls!

    August 6, 2010
    • Don’t forget about the Vancouver Blazers!

      August 6, 2010
  2. I think you misspelled “Favorites” in the name of this page.


    December 18, 2012

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