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Wondering Fair

In September 2011, I began contributing articles to a blog called Wondering Fair. Wondering Fair is the brainchild of René Breuel, who envisioned a kind of “online café” that brought together “a worldwide community of people discussing matters of life and faith under an informal, relational atmosphere.” I am very pleased to add my voice to the engaging conversation that takes place here, and to contribute to Wondering Fair’s vision of creating a safe and stimulating place to talk about faith, God, and truth in a post-Christian world that is often suspicious about these very  things.

Below are the posts that I have added to the conversation. Some of these are edited versions of older posts from my blog, some are (or will be) written for Wondering Fair. I look forward to adding to this list, and continuing to read the excellent work of others over at Wondering Fair!

A Child Has Our Life in His Hands

Good News for a Tough Year

The Movies

Homo Reacticus

In the Groove

(Why) We Need Sin

Save the Pigs

Questions of Science

Talk to the Elephant

Who Are the “Good Christians?”

We Know What We Have to Do (But Knowing Isn’t Enough)

Matters of Truth

Signalling Virtue

Question Time

What Are We Asking For?

I’m Biased (And So Are You)

Be Happy

Fight Song

Lost and Found

The Plot We Find Ourselves In

All the Goodness in the World

Trading a Soul

Where in the World is God?

On Present and Future Selves

Pain Management

Should Government Suppress Human Autonomy?


Thank You. For Now

Christ Have Mercy

Something New

Formulas and Faith

Prove It

For Christ’s Sake?!

What If?

Tell Me: What is the Meaning of Life?

Tell Me a Story About Who I Am

Religion, Violence, and the “Higher” Questions

Are We Better Off With the Internet?

Truth: Why Bother?

A God Who Plays Dead

Happy Endings

State of Nature

Thick and Thin

A Small But Tenacious Flame

Saving the World

Driven to Distraction

What Are We Becoming?

Good with God

Chopped-Up Existence

We Tend Our Gardens

Sad Stories

Mix-and-Match Hope

Citizens of a Wild Kingdom

Saved Together

The Last Generation?

Running Across Life and Death

Technology… Interrupted

What if I Can’t Believe?

Making Our Mark

Taking Offense

Grow Up?

Flourishing in a Pill

Man Seeks (Straightforward) God


A Beautiful Life

Don’t Take Your Religion So Seriously!

Making Up Our Minds

An Atheis… oops, Religious Response

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