A Picture Says a Thousand Words…

For all the Canucks fans whose acquaintance I have made during our time out here in Lotus-land…

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  1. There would be two differences:

    1) It would be Kiprusoff all alone in the corner

    2) There would be a Stanley Cup banner hanging in the background

  2. I predict a sarcastic comment about ‘living in the past’… OR a proud reference to the 1915 Vancouver Millionaires.

  3. those are both good points…i would rather add the famous picture of Phaneuf and Kipper with smokes in their mouth and drafts in their hands with no rings on the fingers 😉 surrounded with prostitutes perhaps their mind was on more ‘important’ things then the playoffs…if you have not seen that picture i will readily email it to you! :)…and Gil who can ever forget the Millionaires…flames won around that time too…right? 🙂

  4. Was there a (colour) picture of the Flames Stanley Cup winning team on the wall in this den of iniquity that witnessed such a spectacle of flaming debauchery?

    (Had they invented photography when the Millionaires won their amateur challenge?)

  5. lol…i don’t know Ryan…i hardly consider that a win… I usually bring it up when Gil gets going about 89…you know when i was 9 in Russia…and flames were ‘good’ i guess lol…its so long ago in history that millionaires might as well be mentioned…but believe you me 89 has been mentioned here in Hepburn that Hepburn might as well have a flame banner hanging up somewhere…ohh the Dueck brothers defending iniquity with all their might 😉 and I love you for it 🙂

  6. So long ago in history?! I remember watching every game! I am getting older, but I’m not a fossil just yet…

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