I don’t often comment on sports here, but as a lifelong fan of the Calgary Flames, today is a happy day indeed. Mike Keenan’s tenure in Calgary was about two years too long, but all I can say to the powers that be in Flame-land is…



(Actually, I could say a lot more… Like, why did you ever hire this guy? What were you thinking?  I knew this was a bad move right from the start… Nah,  I’ll just stick with thank you).

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  1. What a relief!! Our two year exile is over. Here’s hoping Sutter can show a little more imagination with his next choice. And no I seriously hope it’s not Crawford. Two months of listening to him squeak into the microphone for CBC has convinced me that he hasn’t got a clue.

  2. “squeak” is right. I guess they had a choice between Mike Tyson or Marc Crawford so they went with Marc.

    1. Ha! “Level-headed”—that’s Theo, all right!

      (I think he’s got some concrete business or something north of Calgary now.)

  3. Now that Risebrough is done from Minnesota, perhaps he’s available? Hey, at least he’s had a cup with Calgary!

  4. I think they should go for Jacques Lemaire – maybe he can show this team how to play defense again.

  5. There goes their chance to make the playoffs, have fun trying to figure out what to do as they miss playoffs with out Iron Mike…

    Marc Crawford, here he comes!!!!!

  6. Ryan, do you remember who said this?

    “Ironically, in our obsession with the lives of celebrities (real human beings), we reduce them to commodities that can be bought, sold, manipulated, distorted, etc. We worship [or vilify] human beings, and in so doing we reduce them to something far less than human.”

    1. I have no recollection of who said that (although it sounds pretty crazy!) 🙂

      Incidentally, there is no manipulation or distortion going on with my comments about Keenan, nor (certainly!) is there any celebrity worship. His record speaks for itself. I am happy to affirm Mike Keenan’s full and glorious humanity… just not his coaching ability!

    1. We may all be canucks, but we certainly don’t all like the Canucks. Rumour has it that some among “us” even find our loathing of the “big C” version intensifying with proximity… 🙂

  7. lol well apparently i am moving closer… you might be forced to endure some games with me!

    (thats right I started the sentence with LOL)

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