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To Become a See-er

One of the blogs I have come to deeply appreciate over the last little while is that of Winnipeg singer/songwriter Steve Bell.  Steve is an enormously talented human being whose music I have admired for some time and who I have gone to see in concert whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself (most recently, I saw him perform at Regent College last September).  I began following Steve’s blog last year and have discovered that his talents are many and diverse!  Not surprisingly—he is, after all, a songwriter—Steve has a way with words and his posts often leave me with much to ponder.

Steve’s latest post came through the reader this afternoon and I found it very moving on a whole bunch of different levels.  Steve touches on a number of themes ranging from the message of Avatar to cutting parsnips to evolutionary ethics to interesting dinner guests to painful questions from foster kids to a hauntingly beautiful song by Bruce Cockburn.  But the thread that runs throughout is the importance of learning to pay attention—to life, to God, to others, and to ourselves.  Truth and beauty and goodness are gifts given to those who are committed to seeing.

Here’s just a few memorable lines that have stuck with me through the day:

Truth is indeed shy and remains obscured until it is teased out by the ones who really want to see – who patiently attend and show they will honour and cherish disclosure. Maybe that’s why truth is not easily found. We tend to lay claim on, commodify and then consume.  No wonder we’re alienated from creation, from others, from ourselves.

[I]f one attends patiently and reverently to things, the wonderousness of their nature shows itself; kind-of shyly peeks around the corner and rewards those who have learned to revere and attend.

I won’t say more about this post other than that I cannot do it justice by quoting isolated fragments and to enthusiastically recommend that you read it in its entirety.

And that you should bookmark Steve’s blog.

And that if Steve happens to be doing a concert in your neck of the woods, you should go see him.

And that you should buy Steve’s music.

That is all.

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  1. len #

    “Truth is shy” reminds me of some of the work of Annie Dillard in “Pilgrim at Tinker Creek” and “Teaching a Stone to Talk.” Betty and I have been listening to Steve almost before he started. I remember the first time I heard him in Winnipeg with his friends Tim Elias and.. somebody Shritt.. I think it was 1981.

    January 13, 2010

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