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A Beautiful Time for the Beautiful Game

Ah, it’s a beautiful time of year to be a fan of the beautiful game. The European Championships from Poland and Ukraine start in 60 minutes, Canada plays its first game of the second round of 2014 World Cup Qualifying later today in Cuba—and, to top it all off, the U12 team I coach broke a streak of who knows how many losses in a row with a draw and a win this week!!   Footballing life is good.  

Back to the Euros, though.  Poland and Greece are up first and I already can’t wait for Germany v. Portugal and Spain v. Italy this weekend.  From now until the EURO 2012 final in Kiev on Canada Day (July 1) it’s going to be football paradise (assuming the host countries can keep a lid on the racists—the BBC’s recent documentary “Stadiums of Hate” has caused quite an uproar)!  Regardless, it promises to be an exciting month of football.  I, for one, can’t wait for kickoff!

Sooo… if the blogging becomes a bit more sporadic over the next month or so it’s because I am, er, busy.

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