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2012 in Review (And a Thank You!)

A new year looms just around the corner and as I scan some of the blogs out there that I follow and highly respect, I notice that apparently the thing to do at the end of a year is something like  a “year in review” for your blog. Usually, this involves highlighting some of the most memorable posts of the last year, or the most interesting conversations or something like that.  

Because I have been fighting a nasty illness this week, and because I don’t really want to make the effort of actually performing a more reflective evaluation of 2012 on this blog, I have, entirely unoriginally, chosen to rely on WordPress’s statistical summary of the past year.  Here, then, are the top 5 posts of 2012. I only wrote two of these this year (“How God Deals with Rejection” and “‘Masculine’ Christianity”) so I suppose it doesn’t really reflect what I’ve written in the past year. It does, however, reflect what you have been reading, which is at least as important :).

  1. Jesus Calling (Me!)
  2. How God Deals with Rejection
  3. Our Thoughts are With You
  4. God Loves Women Too, Right?
  5. “Masculine” Christianity?

You’re free to have a look at these, of course, or to check out the “Favourites” tab above for some other posts that I would put into the “memorable” or “meaningful” category, for whatever reason. But really, the main reason for a post like this is simply to say, “thank you.” Thank you for stopping by, for reading what I write here. It’s hard to believe that next month will be this blog’s sixth birthday. To whatever extent I had expectations when I began this back in January, 2007, they have surely been exceeded. I do not take for granted that you would devote twenty minutes of your time to read what I have to say about anything, and I  truly am delighted by the many very interesting and intelligent people who drop by here and add their voice to what I think are some fascinating conversations.

So, thank you. Really. Thank you for reading. Thank you for pushing and challenging my ideas. Thank you for your many kind words of affirmation. I look forward to more interesting conversations in 2013.

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