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The mail today contained a letter informing me that as an alumni of Regent College I am to receive a year’s free subscription to Crux—the quarterly journal of Christian thought and opinion they publish.  Things seem to be running a little behind with this publication (as you will see, if you visit the website), but it was a delightful surprise, nonetheless, to receive a few back issues.  This poem is from the Summer 2009 issue:


Luci Shaw

Behold the fleck of ant
bearing with frenetic diligence
his large load of crumb
down the long mile of floorboard.
By observation I become
part of an insect's life.  Is he
aware of me?  What thread of vision
links the antic with the observant?
What false criterion of size?
And who is it who, watching me,
whispers Watch for who it is
who watches you? 
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  1. What a neat poem — a gift, to be made aware of several significant things in so few lines.

    February 23, 2010

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