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Good Words

Blogging can be a bit of a strange animal in that you hurl your words out into the wide (and wild) world of the web, where they can be read (or not) by a virtually limitless variety of people who come to them from a virtually limitless assortment of links, searches, recommendations, “likes,” etc.  Of course, on one level this is no different from the publishing of books and articles.  But the sheer volume of words out there in cyberspace makes it easy to imagine one’s own words just getting lost in the noise and clutter of the online world.

 As such, it is always nice to receive a bit of affirmation that something has connected with someone somewhere.  The folks over at The High Calling have graciously featured a recent post of mine, “Elvis and Me,” in this month’s version of “Around the High Calling Network.”   Of course, it’s nice to be recognized, but I also enjoy these monthly posts because they steer me toward some other great content (Colin Fagan’s “Learning Discipline,” for example, stood out to me this time around).  I’d encourage you to drop by the High Calling Network and snoop around for a while.  You will invariably find food for thought—good words for a wordy world.

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  1. Ryan
    THank you for your writing, bringing words to a world-wide audience.
    It is a little like hurling mud into the vast chasm of the web — will anything stick?

    yours did…

    September 12, 2011
    • Thank you, David. Again, very appreciative of your highlighting my post.

      September 12, 2011

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