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Family Matters

Well, summer is here and the posting around here continues to be somewhat sparse. This week I am in the Vancouver area attending Celebration 2010, our Mennonite Brethren denomination’s 150th birthday party. I have been spending the week with people from around the world learning more about MB identity and celebrating the ways in which God has worked in our collective story.

For those who are interested in such things, the MB Herald is hosting a Celebration 2010 blog with various contributors from across Canada reflecting on sessions and workshops they have participated in throughout the week. It provides a good snapshot on the kinds of things that have been presented throughout our time together this week. If you do enough digging around, you will even notice posts by a few folks who pop by here now and then (including one on the situation in Quebec by yours truly). We are a diverse group animated by diverse interests and emphases, but we are part of the same family of faith and it’s been good to be together this week.

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