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For You

Each year, one of the most significant parts of the Regent Pastors Conference for me is when we take the Lord’s Supper together as our last act before going our separate ways.  Given some of the themes that I reflected upon in my previous post, this year was no exception.

We spent four days learning and digesting, listening and processing, thinking, thinking, thinking… How will we apply this or that principle to our leadership? What needs to change about how we do x or y?  How do we need to rethink this or that aspect of theology?  What relevance might this or that understanding of this or that issue have to church life?  Which books should I read?  How have others thought about and put into practice this or that idea about church leadership?

Thinking, thinking, thinking…

And then, at the end… we simply received from Christ.

It is a simple process.  It doesn’t take much time.  We recite a creed and some prayers.  We are invited to the table.  We walk over to two other sinners holding bread and wine.  We hear the words:

This is my body, broken for you… for your sin and your selfishness, your stubbornness of heart, your slowness to learn, for your unwillingness to change, for the damage you inflict, for your ignorance and apathy and hard-heartedness….

This is my blood, shed for you… for the things that cause you pain, for your hopes and fears, for the things that hold you back, frighten and frustrate you, for the beauty and goodness you long to experience and contribute toward, for the love you feel and the love you wish you felt….

We take, we eat.

My body.  My blood.

For you.  For you.

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  1. Yes, beautiful, nourishing reminder. As per your previous post, we’re so much more than brains.

    May 7, 2011
  2. Paul Johnston #

    Just beautiful. Thank you.

    May 8, 2011

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